Let's Talk to Animals

Impossible grief and how to get unstuck after losing your pet

February 23, 2023 Shannon Cutts Season 4 Episode 5
Let's Talk to Animals
Impossible grief and how to get unstuck after losing your pet
Let's Talk to Animals +
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Show Notes

Nothing exempts us from feeling grief when we lose somebody we love. Species certainly doesn't matter - love is love. Even becoming a professional animal intuitive isn't protection against experiencing the entirety of the grief process.

And sometimes the grief feels so immense and immovable - so impossible to survive - we actually get stuck in it.

Professional animal communicator Shannon Cutts talks about unexpectedly losing her 24-year-old soulbird, Pearl, whom she raised from a 5-week-old chick. Hear miraculous stories about how Pearl is visiting from the spirit side. Learn what Pearl has to say about getting unstuck from deep grief and loss.

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