Let's Talk to Animals

Animal communication transforms an itchy and anxious dog's life

March 08, 2023 Shannon Cutts Season 4 Episode 6
Let's Talk to Animals
Animal communication transforms an itchy and anxious dog's life
Let's Talk to Animals +
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Show Notes

Animal communication is the modern name for the ancient art of interspecies telepathic and sensory conversation. But what can animal communication actually accomplish? What value does intuitive interspecies conversation bring to the relationship you have with your pet or animal companion?

If you are seeking answers to these types of questions, this is the episode for you!

For many years before I became a professional animal intuitive and sensitive, I hired animal communicators to help me break through relationship barriers, solve seemingly unfixable pet problems and help me learn to trust my own inner intuitive guidance - my gut feelings and hunches about my pets' wants and needs.

Now, I do the same for my pet parent clients and their animals....and for my own personal animals as well. Learn how animal communication has helped our dachshund transition from early trauma, long-term anxiety, behavioral issues and chronic allergies.

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